Omni Equus Research Center’s Mission Statement

Omni Equus Research Center’s (O.E.R.C.) mission is to inform and educate the horse community as to new and improved methods of training and rehabilitation, as a means to ensure a solid, sound equine athlete for life.

Our goal is to research and develop innovative, effective ways to optimize equine athletic performance in race horses and performance horses through:

  1. Revolutionary, advanced methods of training
  2. Examination and documentation of the effects of training on equine muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons, and hooves
  3. Development and refinement of training programs to create sound, superior-performing equine athletes
  4. Development of unique rehabilitation approaches bodywork and other therapy disciplines
  5. Synthesis of research methods and findings into specific equine training and conditioning programs for various equine performance disciplines
  6. Development of more refined, progressive racetrack training and conditioning programs to achieve consistent, long-term superior performance patterns
  7. Continuing education in our communities based on O.E.R.C. findings, through ongoing lectures, workshops, demonstrations.