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Photo taken November 2015

When I first met Noble, he had no left hind end. It was completely atrophied away! It was heartbreaking to see this once beautiful 3 year old stallion so crippled and deformed.

Noble had been in training at the race track and due to simple knee surgery, he was sent home to mend. During his layup, the muscles in his left hind began to disappear. He was unable to walk or stand comfortably and no one could figure out what had happened or how to fix “it”.

A local veterinarian looked at Noble and pronounced the problem as neurological and untreatable. Noble was scheduled for “auction”.

As a last resort, Noble’s owner asked me to take a look at Noble. It was clear to me that he had suffered a traumatic injury that had ripped the muscles on his left hind at the attachments to the bone. There was no doubt as I began to apply my body work technique to Noble: His pelvis was weakened, his left hip dislocated and scar tissue had formed and hardened, blocking the nerves from firing the muscles. The muscle had atrophied from lack of function.

The owner was not interested in Noble since he was not going to be able to race. When pressured for a prognosis, I could only be sure that I could improve his situation, to what extent, I did not know. Like everyone else, I had never seen anything like this. My private opinion was that Noble had broken his pelvis and that extensive attention on my part would help soften the scar tissue, readjust the pelvis and encourage blood flow.

I already had too many horses, but I knew I was Noble’s only chance. I brought him home, gelded him and began working on him every day. The pelvis would snap and pop into place, a major breakthrough as I needed Noble to heal with the bones correctly placed. It was imperative that Noble move around to help rebuild the muscle. I continued working on him, keeping scar tissue soft so the blood could circulate.

The results were no less than miraculous: Noble became stronger day by day. The atrophy slowly vanished until the muscle had a normal appearance. This sweet, beautiful horse was galloping around the pasture in play with other horses!

And now, the challenge was to find Noble a real life. Luckily local trainer, Lindy G White, fell in love with him and took him home. Watching him leave was bitter sweet. Knowing he had a forever home where he could gallop through the mountains made me happy.

Noble was home!

This photo taken November 2015:

Noble - Success Story at Omni Equus Research Center